Manually adding regular payments


Are you looking at any functionality that would allow us to assign our own regular payments (like Emma, yolt and now monzo I believe)? I have 1 that charges my card each month (no option for DD) but it doesn’t show on my scheduled payment list. It would be nice if I could manually tag it as one.

Or can @StarlingSupport manually assign them?


I’m hoping this can be introduced. It would be handy to track subscription payments that only use card as payment.


The problem is a continuous payment authority is just claimed as a normal payment on your card, so the bank doesn’t see it as a regular payment, so I can’t see how a bank would do it automatically.

Although manually assigning them would work.


I think there can be some clever system that if it sees something like “Netflix” then it can put an estimate date in your schedule payment.


But what happens when you make a Netflix payment for someone else, or use your Paypal for Netflix, so it is still Netflix but comes through Paypal, its going to have to be a very very smart system to actually work. Manual would be simple.

Or you set up a recurring payment that comes out every 2 months or every 3 months and so on, would it see that as a random payment, or would it know its regular, its going to need be smart enough to work out a pattern, if not, then its really a pointless option.


Emma and Yolt look at your past transaction history and work out what are regular payments (monthly, annually etc) and allow you to see what’s likely to come out soon. Works very well in my experience. Very occasionaly it will pickup a transaction that isn’t a subscription and you just tap the button to tell it this so it removes it.

It’ll never be 100% but it’s useful as a reminder to see what your next due scheduled payments are. Usually looking at this it’ll be obvious to you if it lists something unexpected.


Very valid points. It’s never gonna be perfect but that why perhaps a customise button per transaction or something would help. If it can get 90% of it right then you can customise the rest.


On yolt you can click on a transaction, mark it as a regular payment and set a duration (weekly, monthly etc)


I like that idea.


Would you like for it to appear under the ‘Scheduled Payment’ section of the app as well?


Yep, in chronological order (i.e. the next payments due at the top) and a way to differentiate between:

  • Direct Debits
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Scheduled Goal Payments
  • Auto-detected/manually selected subscription payments


I’m guessing with this response, you’re already on with it! :smiley: Yes, in scheduled payments please. At 3.30 today if possible.


It’s on the list - just wanting to know how you’d like it to work