Managing Marketplace Providers


I’ve recently added Wealthify via the Marketplace and have had issues getting it set up and was then rejected for a savings plan (no idea why, but that’s another story :slight_smile:) .

After all of this, I revoked access to Wealthify via the “Manage Providers” option on the marketplace home screen, thinking that it would remove all traces of Wealthify from the Starling app, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now I have the Wealthify screen left over on the Marketplace home screen and a disabled provider that I can neither completely remove or re-enable. Is there a way permanently remove both of these leftovers from Marketplace apps that I decide not use anymore, and if not should we not have the option to do so and reverse the revocation of access to Marketplace apps? At the minute I cant see a way to do either and I’m left with Wealthify on my home screen and a disabled provider that I can’t re-enable or delete.

Wealthify now available in the Marketplace

revoking access to the provider doesn’t affect the account and data that provider already has. you have to deal with that directly with the third party


Ok thanks for the reply, but surely I should have more control over what’s shown on the Starling marketplace home screen, as I’m doubting the third parties can remove their apps from within the starling app. I’m just thinking further down the line when more marketplace apps are available I’m going to have the leftovers of the home-screen widgets and connections that I cant remove or do anything with.


Hi @Richard_Gregory,
So when you revoke access in the marketplace you are just controlling who has access to your Starling data, if you want Wealthify (or any other partner) to stop sharing their data with us you would have to do that through them.
Currently we have not yet built out the ability to “remove” a partner from the Marketplace, even if you go to Wealthify and revoke access then we will continue to display the last value we have from them. As we are still in the early stages of building out the Marketplace, we decided to launch without it, but this ability to remove is something we are definitely planning to build out, hopefully in the next month or so! You will then easily be able to clean up your Marketplace home screen, and only display the active partner integrations that you want to see :blush:


That’s good to hear. It’s a bit confusing at the moment as when I go to the Manage option I can see the connections to Yolt and Emma that can be revoked but nothing for anything listed in Marketplace itself!


Hi @Cecilia_Highley, thanks for clarifying that and satisfying my OCD needs for having a tidy marketplace home screen :wink:

I have another related question though :slight_smile: if I revoke access to an app, currently I can’t do anything else with it i.e. Remove or re-enable, are there any plans to allow the re-authorisation of revoked app access?


Sure, so in order to re-grant access to a partner to your Starling data, you have to go through the flow again. For some partners (such as Flux) you will be able to initiate this via the Marketplace but for most (like Yolt or EMMA) you would have to go to their app or website to do that.
Once we build the “remove” mechanism to stop us accessing a Partner’s data then yes we would have a button to add it back in at any point of course! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good, look forward to that being rolled out :smiley:


I’m also looking forward to being able to remove disabled connections. Even though I’ve deleted my Yolt account and revoked all access the fact it still appears in Starling under manage marketplace bothers me.


I wish I’d thought to check the community before asking CS. Just had the same issue. Why would you enable a marketplace where you can add partners but not build in a method of removing them?! It should have been incorporated into the first build!!!


Hi @Cecilia_Highley, has there been any progress on this one as I still have Wealthify on my marketplace homescreen that I can’t use and no way to remove it or the disabled links :disappointed: