Manage Devices on iOS. Can't delete old phones


I went to add my new OnePlus 6 but told I had reached my device limit.

On my iPhone X iOS 11.4 I can’t delete other devices, the red delete square doesn’t work, I touched, I swiped left, right, nothing.

Moved over to my old Android phone and managed it on the Android version though.


That’s odd - have you reported this bug to @StarlingSupport already?


No, I just thought this was the place to post it and they’d see it.


It does get picked up here, but contacting CS could give the engineers looking into it accoubt-specigjc info, which could make determining the root cause easier - there are lots of variables involved when it comes to bugs.


Yes indeed @MrRobot is correct; it’s handy for us to have account specific information so we can help the engineers with identifying the issue. Sorry to hear about this issue, do also send us a message via the app and we’ll be able to pick this up!