Male/female/non gender


Just wondered if you are male or female or non gender on here. Myself I am female.


Is that just the choice?

I identify as cis male, but some may identify as both, or neither, or one sometimes…

It’s an interesting point actually. I was pleased to see Starling drop my gender pronoun ‘Mr’ from my card , so just my name is shown. Do Starling use pronouns other than the traditional Mr, Mrs, Ms etc? Do their customer services make a note of how customers wish to be addressed?


Sorry @Gallifreyangirl in no way did I mean to hijack your thread!


@city_agent you have a good point and my apologies for not putting the option up which I have now amended.


This has generated a huge thread on the Monzo - how should customers names be registered!

Must admit, it doesn’t make for exciting reading but it no doubt matters a lot to some.


This is a very interesting topic. We current require Title as a field when creating an account as typically this is used by credit bureaus and so it improves the possibility of verifying our customers details. But we recognise that the selection of Title is somewhat outdated and not used for very much these days.


Why not allow gender-neutral titles like Mx? Also, Monzo had no issue verifying me without a title, and you are using the same verification provider I think?


We definitely want to make improvements non this. I don’t know how Monzo verify their customers, but at the moment our providers limits us but this is something I committed to improving in the coming months.


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I wil put my head above the parapet and say (as I said to my 21 year old 'oh so cool and ‘hip’ expensively educated daughter an few days ago, for those of us who are (in your perception) beyond ancient this is a non-issue and uncontroversial . However, when I am discussing banking, or practicalities of managing finances/security, I don’t want a homily on comparative ethics or gender related matters . They are simply irrelevant. This is just simply a well worn, in-you-face revolt against the conventional values, it will achieve nothing worthwile and is unnecessary.


EVERYONE STOP TALKING, @ajhusi believes this is irrelevant.

I hate to break it to you, but trans people have existed since the dawn of time. I’m not sure what you deign to consider ‘conventional’ or ‘valuable’.


Here at Starling, we’re 100% committed to inclusivity, equality and diversity, regardless of who you are, or where you come from. Do keep that in mind when posting, we value all your opinions and want everyone to have a voice here :+1:


It is not, it is just about treating all customers equally and with respect. Addressing people as they wish to be addressed and not offending or upsetting them. I can’t see the problem with that.


I agree with @alexandra - for those it does mean a lot to, we do want to ensure we have the relevant gender neutral titles available. I have followed up on this morning and will continue to try to make this change.


I did not express any idea or opinion on any gender issue, nor did I say that I wished to use any particular pronoun or none, I just said to be respectful of people’s wishes and address them the way they wish to be addressed.


I’ve just been browsing through previous threads and read this one.
I’m surprised that people who are leading edge and embracing new concepts etc are even discussing gender address.
I thought we would be passed Starling having to give a commitment that it embraces Diversity.
It’s the 21st Century people, can everything be done so that there is no need for posts about gender identity.