Making one off payments instead of creating a payee



People often have to make one off payments to people they would never normally need to pay money to. This has happened to me quite often, where i don’t actually need to store them as payee, because i will only need to pay them as a one off.

It’s quite frustrating having to create a payee for this purpose, enter your password, then pay the payee. Once that is done i will then delete the payee, enter my password again and the process is finished. It’s a little laborious.

I’d like if there was an option to send a one off payment where you can simply enter the payment details and click send. You could then also have the option of storing those details as a new payee if you wish.


That is a good idea, like you say sometimes it is only going to be a one off, so its just extra steps to then delete it.


On the same subject, I’d like to be able to make someone a payee after I’ve sent them money with settle up. Mrs sent me a settle up yesterday and I just presumed after doing that the once that I could quickly add them as a payee.


I thought this exact thing the other day when I was paying legal fees to complete a mortgage …


Good idea.