Good morning Everyone,

Very excited to tell you about the #MakeMoneyEqual campaign. It is something very close to my heart. Let me know what you think. I would be grateful if you could pass the message along to family, friends and any societies or organisations that you think may be interested in the research. We are on a campaign to #MakeMoneyEqual.


Great initiative. You have to wonder where the discussion has been.

With this in mind, women must surely be hugely under-represented within our forum. I don’t know the answer, but it’d be all the richer if we could broaden the conversations to include the female perspective.


A great campaign @anne I’ll share this with family, friends and colleagues.


Make Starling resemble any odd retail bank that does ‘corporate philantrophy’ as a cheaper form of marketing.


I believe this initiative is far more important than a marketing tactic and goes to the values of Starling.

From comment I’ve seen elsewhere, the growing feature list is marketing in its own right.