Made the switch from Nationwide


My name is David Sinfield I live in Belfast Northern Ireland and I made the switch from nationwide building society to starling…I am a costumer IE dressing up as a superhero and comic book characters. I hope you are all well…


Welcome to the best bank in the world…


Congratulations on your Switch to Starling and welcome to the forums! You’ve found the best place to share ideas and talk with like-minded people about all things Starling.

We’re glad to have you :slight_smile:


May I ask what made you switch? I have Nationwide and thought their benefits package (Travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, and breakdown cover) to be pretty good.


I have what I would describe as a ‘soft switch’ - I use everything I can through the Starling app, anything I can’t do (or in this case also the Insurance), I do through Nationwide. That way, everything is covered.


I also switched from nationwide. The main reason being was their banking app. I was soooo tired of being able to see money being taken from my account but not knowing what for until 3 days later. (Like if my wife spent money and forgot). With Nationwide app you cant control your card like Starling. You don’t get charts of what your partner has spent. I love that Starling gives me advanced notice of what direct debits will come out. And Starlings goals feature is awesome! Try and do that with a nationwide account!


Don’t you miss benefits such as car breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, holiday insurance etc? Seemed like quite a decent package for a small monthly fee with Nationwide?


for £13 there is no better insurance package and reason enough to keep the FlexPlus open :wink:


i only had a basic cash card with nationwide so i didnt have that stuff anyway


Exactly what I’ve done - I’d pay that just for the family mobile phone insurance, never mind the rest!


surely the mobile phone insurance is the most important, but the family travel and breakdown are sweet too :wink: