Made by Google Event


Google is having an event on Wednesday this week. Who’s excited for new Pixels? :smiley: :iphone:


Looking forward to this.


Will be interesting


Was really looking forward to it but then I saw the one plus 5 and got that instead due to price more than anything. Though if i had the money I would get a pixel 2 xl


Yeah - OnePlus is like the new Nexus. Cheap, feature-full and now very popular too!


Glad I switched from Galaxy to Pixel, will definitely be getting a Pixel 2 :tada:


May even sway me the pixel 2 from my iPhone :laughing:


Am I the only one who was a bit disappointed by the Pixel?

Having had a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 5 and loving them I just found the Pixel underwhelming and very expensive for what it was. I was really interested when I first heard they were bringing out a more premium phone but ended up just sticking with my Galaxy S7 Edge and then going to the S8+.

At a time when the first water-proof iPhone came out when we know Apple are conservative, to come out with something that wasn’t water-proof and (if I remember correctly) as expensive as an iPhone was a bit bold!

At the time it came out, Google Assistant was pretty terrible and Duo and Allo were definitely not finished.

Out of interest, does anyone actually use Allo? I played with it when it first came out, messaged the one other friend who installed, found it pale in comparison to WhatsApp and switched back!

Hopefully the Pixel 2 will be much more impressive!


I had the Nexus 6p which just felt like a quality product.


The Nexus 5 was probably the best phone I’ve had. The Nexus 5X has been such a disappointment for me. I’m kind of ready for a Pixel I think, but I see what you mean @Chalky. I was a bit disappointed at first too.


I had the Nexus 5 too. Well… I still have it, but as a backup device.

Brilliant little phone, although the camera wasn’t the best.


Even though I am an iOS and always will be user - I still love watching Google events :slight_smile:


The Pixel is a nice phone, quite a few mates have got it. Pixel 2 will be impressive I’m sure.


N6 is still my back up device, adn I use Allo and Dua to communicate with family. They have both improved


Here it is… :heart_eyes::iphone:


I presume you are really excited by this @JamesPratley!


Maybe I am :see_no_evil:


Your Starling balance won’t be though!


True… I might have to set up a savings goal :wink:


Pixel 2 looks great. I wish iPhone had fast charging - 7 hrs in 15 minutes :astonished: