Made a mistake with a payment!


Entirely my fault… shouldn’t do these things so late at night.

Just made a payment to my credit card using faster payments - forgot to put in the correct reference number - I sent it with the default “Paid from Starling”.

Will the provider (MBNA) reject and return it to me or am I up the creek?


Been there - done that :smirk:

You’re not up the creek. I did something similar transferring funds between accounts recently. The funds will be sitting in MBNA’s suspense account with nowhere to go.

Best bet - give them a call. They’ll want it off their balance sheet as much as you want it back :grinning:.

You may get additional advice in this thread as well.

Keep us posted (but put your phone away about now eh? :grinning:)


I did same with Halifax credit card. It bounced back instantly…


I’ve done the same with my Mbna credit card to transfer money and my funds bounced back. That’s why I em paying by debit card on the MBNA app till Starling can keep the reference to transfer on payments.


Just give them a call and they’ll sort it :slight_smile: we’ve all been there.


Had the same issue with a Loan payment thank god I didn’t transfer a large sum that time!


@Gallifreyangirl both the iOS and Android apps should keep a list of references you have used for a payee now and present a little scroll list to tap on for access previous references :slight_smile:


Dear all - apologies for the delay in responding (3-and-a-half month old baby in the house, keeps us busy!).

Thanks for your responses -glad it’s not just me :slight_smile:

I have both called MBNA and spoken to them on Facebook Messenger. They confirm they can see the payment and that it has been rejected by their system due to the reference. I am assured it will be back in my account by end of Tuesday at the latest.

Anyway, I guess it happens with no harm done.


Correct - this much needed update came to iOS last week. I just forgot to chance from the default reference :see_no_evil:


All’s well…etc :+1::grinning:


Hey Simon, we’re here 24/7 365 days of the year and we love to hear from our customers. Contact us in-app or give us a ring if anything similar happens in the future, anytime day or night, any day of the year. :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile: