"M* B*d" 🤐


How about we set a purely arbitrary forum rule?

Nobody ever, EVER, utters the phrase “My bad”. ever ever.

So that’s agreed then. Phew :grin:


or finishes with

Fact. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

End of. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have a rant of my own brewing…! :crazy_face:


And if I get 10 :heart:️ and no iterations of the phrase in between, I’ll donate a small sum to charity. Promise.


Who’s with me?


See mine out and I’ll back yours :grinning:


I will write it up tomorrow, its going to be a long one!


Oh come on…


I can think of plenty of sayings worse than “my bad”




My bad I am really sorry lol


“And if I get 10 :heart:️and no iterations of the phrase in between, I’ll donate a small sum to charity. Promise.”

Well, we got to 7❤️…



Make it 9 Joe?


Consider it done…


And there’s 10


Thanks folks - done (PDSA, by the way :+1::dog2:)


Thanks Graham I am impressed PDSA. I promise no me bad as I am not keen on it myself.


I have a good tale about being groped at age 16 by TV’s now sadly departed Bella Emberg of the Russ Abbott show while dressed as PDSA mascot ‘Bandaged Barney’, a vast head to toe dog costume. That’s sure to be one for the autobiography…


Yours or hers?

(Wrong on all levels by the way)

Oh, and you’ll be frankly stunned to learn that, as it transpires, it wasn’t Bella Emberg in that suit :scream:


No i was in the suit, she was being a busy handed Bella Emberg… :joy::joy::joy:

I can’t be certain, but this may be the actual incident (courtesy of a local newspaper), unless she made a habit of going to visit teens dressed as giant dogs, which with what i’ve learnt since about showbusiness is entirely possible…

Notice you can only see one hand… :see_no_evil:


That’s funny (shows how a post can be misinterpreted).:joy:

Ruined my follow-up as well :flushed: