Low Balance Notification


Following a transaction, I’ve been notified that my Starling balance dropped below £25 ~ a useful warning indeed. Following on from that, I think it would be useful if the level at which such a warning could be set could be ‘user adjustable’. e.g.: maybe I would prefer the warning to trigger at, for example, £100, rather than (what appears to be) the default value of £25.

Low balance notification

I would like this too!


Excellent! It makes sense to have control over this. Everyone has different thresholds.


Excellent I’d love a low warning level. Legacy banks have this already so should be something Starling offer.


I would also love this feature


I’d very much like this feature :+1:t2:


An updated balance with every transaction would be a handy addition too.


Thanks for the feedback. I’m interesting in how different our opinions are on what the right balance is for the low balance warning to be sent?
Would you want complete control to choose any value you like to send the notification on your account, or would you simply want a choice of bands like £25, £50, £100?


I’d like a choice of bands, £25, £50, £100 etc


Sarah . . .

Balance Warning: I think a Choice Of Bands would suit me fine. I’d go for
the higher option (£100) though the ‘needs’ of the Starling Community will
differ. Most of my ‘unanticipated’ transactions would then be well covered.

I know there’s no ‘great’ penalty for going overdrawn, but that’s anathema
(big word!) to me.

Thank you for asking . . .

Sardibus (née Patrick)


I would prefer to be able to enter any amount as the threshold.


Same here - a custom amount should be straightforward and cover the needs of all users


Agreed, custom would be great.


Text message reminders are offered by Legacy banks on low balance and it can be set at any level.
Personally I’d like to see it as a push notification given it’s an app bank.


Custom level please


Also custom level for me would be handy - logged in close to 0 which was unexpected #spenttoomuchthismonth


I reckon having full control would future-proof it.


I would love to see this feature and customisable.


Custom notification please


I know Monzo has a low balance update when you go below £25. I think a custom amount would be good because some people would prefer different amounts e.g. below £500, below £100 etc