Lost or Stolen Card


Have seen someone on twitter raise the idea of the likes of Starling or Monzo using active location tracking of mobile device to block suspicious transactions. Say phone was in Manchester and card was being used in Glasgow for example. Made me think though… what is Starling policy on lost or stolen cards being used fraudulently to remove funds from customers account, or if phone was compromised. Is the customer fully covered against loss ?


I think this is already available with Staling. I have an option in my card section to limit transactions based on location (Your Card > Security > Location based fraud protection). It was off by default however.


That’s correct - you can turn on location-based security.


Thanks… hadn’t noticed it was there


Out of my interest, why would you leave this option off? Unless you leave either your phone or card at home when you go out I guess?


As soon as I found it I switched it on. I guess it would be disabled by default for the exact reason you mention (but who goes anywhere without their phone?). I think it’s a good idea - anything to protect my money a bit better :wink:

The issue would be if it was on and you did leave your phone at home, you may not be able to use your card and you wouldn’t be able to switch it off.


Okay… so what happens if you have the app on two devices but only have one device with you ?


I would imagine you are all good to go and the card could be used.


I have the app on two devices and never carry both with me, no problem there with location based security on.


The other problem is if your location is reported incorrectly. This hasn’t happened to me for a number of years but I did own a phone where the GPS was a bit flaky. It would occasionally show me as being miles away!


I don’t know what the criteria is bit I’d imagine it’s looking for a fairly large discrepancy in location. Different towns, cities, countries even. I’ve had legacy banks block my card because I hadn’t told them I was going abroad. With this system Starling will know I’m abroad because my phone will tell them. I wouldn’t have thought nipping out to pick up a kebab whilst leaving yr phone at home will be a problem. VPNs might be an issue though.


It’s a good point about foreign travel, though I’d guess a lot of people don’t have a data connection whilst abroad. Perhaps they also look at the last time the phone appeared to be in the country?


Would be nice if Starling shared a little more on how it works so people can make a more informed choice in whether to activate it or not.


I too would like to know whether this sertting would impact use of my Starling debit card via Apple Pay.

I often go out locally while leaving my phone at home but use my Apple Watch and (so far) haven’t had an issue. But that’s kinda local (a couple of miles). If I’m going further afield I tend to take my phone with me so wouldn’t have a problem.

The same would apply to Fitbit Pay users.

Would be interested to understand the logic applied (although not too much detail can be given as that risks opening the potential for fraud).