Logos and Location


Whats everyones feedback in terms of success when requesting for logos and locations to be updated?

One of my favourite features of my Starling card is seeing where I used it so having the correct logo and location is quite a big deal. I have made quite a few requests however I haven’t had any feedback on their success.

The majority of the errors are European shops (recently went to SuperValu in Dublin and shows the location as Rome) so was wondering what was being done to keep this updated and accurate?


It does seem like they’re not updating anymore. I have some transactions going back to March.

When I bring it up with CS, they say they’re not aware of any problems with updating them- then ask me to submit it to them over CS, which kind of ruins the point of submitting in the transaction itself.


I have noticed a delay with them being updated. Posting here, particularly tagging @LoganAllan, usually leads to them being updated pretty quickly.

I do think the process needs looking at.


Right now I’m getting most of my suggested logos fixed in 1-2 days but I haven’t had any luck getting names fixed through the app in the last 2-3 months.

I’m still getting many of my transactions from a recent trip to Milan with pins somewhere in India although I’ve made suggestions for all of them and raised the issue through CS.


I’ve found that my recent submissions were updated swiftly, within hours,even on weekends.


Interesting to hear others are having the same issue. I will just continue submitting the requests and hope they get changed. Hopefully the success rate increases :+1:t3:


Thanks all, we have been catching up on a backlog and should be updating logos more regularly now. In some cases when you submit a website or social handle, we aren’t able to pull the logo directly from the site and so this does require us to manually search the location (which can take a little longer).

Worth noting that in some cases your submissions might not automatically retrieve the right logos and if we are unable to verify the merchant brand or location we might choose to not update that merchant until we have more information to help us.