Login Issues


I’ve noticed something since installing the latest update for the Starling app on iOS, on two occasions I’ve had to go through two Touch ID prompts to get into the Starling app, is this just something affecting me or has anybody else noticed it? Not really a massive issue but thought I’d mention it :smile:


I haven’t reported it but I’ve experienced glitches on Android since the new login screen was implemented.

Occasionally it will say fingerprint not recognised and ask for my PIN. Sometimes I have to enter it, other times I can just dismiss it and I’m straight in. It usually happens if I’m in the app and my phone locks itself after 30 seconds.


I’m on iOS but not experienced this


Hi @Ben_McGrath I’ve not had this reported but the good news is we are rebuilding our log in on iOS and so this will be resolved very soon. It might not make our next release but will certainly be in the next one.

@danmullen have you? Would love to understand more can you tell me what device you’re using?


Ah that’s good to hear, thanks for letting me know! Any sneak peeks?! :smiley:


Looking forward to the new login experience for iOS


Pixel 2 XL. I don’t think it’s ever happened when first entering the app, just when I’m in the app already and my phone goes to sleep. Waking it up sometimes produces this error.


Ok thanks.


Hi Dan, We haven’t been able to replicate this issue you mention. Can you keep me updated if you see it again and shoot me a direct message. It’s difficult for us to fix anything if we cannot replicate you see.


I will Sarah - it happens quite frequently. The problem is I can’t do a screenshot and by the time I get into the app and turn on screenshots, I can’t replicate the issue!

On a related note, I think it would be useful to make the screenshot toggle permanent rather than time-limited.


Share a screenshot of the new login experience for iOS @sarah.guha :slight_smile:


I would if I could! I expect to get access to test on demo later today :laughing:

Here are a few of the designs,


Very nice!


Right @sarah.guha, I’ve just managed to recreate the bug!

New photo by Dan Mullen

I was in the Starling app and my phone went to sleep. A couple of minutes later, I woke my phone up with my fingerprint and I was presented with the Starling fingerprint screen. Touching the fingerprint reader made the screen flash before I was presented with the message above. I then had to enter my PIN to enter the app.

This is on Android Oreo 8.1, Pixel 2 XL, latest security patch installed (05 May 2018).


Thanks @danmullen passing this onto the team now.


Good work capturing that screenshot.


I’ve been turning screenshots on every time I go into the app, just in case :joy:


A further update @sarah.guha… this morning I opened the app for the first time today and was presented with the error message saying the fingerprint login failed (without being asked for my fingerprint). I went through the passcode entry screen and was then asked for my fingerprint! After providing that I was in.


Thanks Dan. This doesn’t appear to be an issue affecting all customers, these details have been passed to our Android team who are looking into it.