Login Issues on Android


Major bug with this update. I can now no longer open the app. After the fingerprint scan the app just fades back to my phone home screen. Deleted and reinstalled and it still does it.


OK on my Oneplus 3T, running Android 8.0.0


Sorry to hear this @seahorsejockey.
We are here to help, please get in touch with us if you have not already done so - https://www.starlingbank.com/contact/


Done. Hopefully it will be sorted ASAP as having zero access to my account is a major ballache.


After trying to log in over 50 times (yes I have no life) it’s now working. Bit weird.


Mine is doing the same thing now, authenticates when I use my fingerprint then fades back to the home screen.


This is what’s happening.


Thanks for sharing this @Ryan - our Android devs are working on this as we speak!

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks again for sharing.


I bring good news @Ryan - version has the fix, and should be available in the Play Store now.

Please let us know if this works for you.


Seriously quick to resolve, impressive!


Working fine now, thanks! :grinning:


A quality response and outcome @patrick. My regards to the team :grinning: