@LoganAllan Missing in Action


@LoganAllan You’ve been extremely quite this past week. Either you’re hiding from us, you’re on holiday or you’re ‘perusing other interests’. Someone give us a clue?


He’s away :us:


Thanks Joe. Thought there was a hollow void this past week.


Must be paid very well at starling, they are always here there and everywhere on holibobs :grin:


@Matthewward1 A happy, healthy workforce is a productive one.


He’ll be back on Tuesday! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Charlotte_Lorimer thanks for the update. In Logan’s absence, any chance you could fix this please? We gonna give you work in his absence.

Hollowood Chemist logo.

Update Vendors


Unfortunately I don’t have access to the system to change merchant logos, I’m temporarily filling in for Logan just for this week. Really sorry about that.