Locking money


It would be great if it was possible to lock some money away (kind of like goals but not for savings) e.g. £50 a week that can only be spend on travel


What about the goals function is it that you think a new option would help?

Does the goals functionality not allow you to put said money aside and then when you make a travel-related transaction you could transfer the amount from goal to your main account.


It does allow you to do that yes, but that means every time money comes into the account (weekly in my case) transferring a set amount to goals to then transfer it back when i want to use it. a function where I could allocate a set amount to travel/groceries etc i.e. my total balance is £300, but £75 pounds of that is locked, unless it’s spent on food


An option to allocate a category of spending to a goal would be really useful.


I’d love it to be YNABish (www.youneedabudget.com) so that you could set up categories to spend out of per month but have the functionality and flexibility to move the money about if you “overspend” in one category but have not spent as much as you had put in to another category…