Locking a card query


I have a query with the launch of Apple Pay today, just for future reference. If I lock the physical card in app, does this also lock the Apple Pay Wallet Cards or can these operate separately?


I had the exact same question today and decided to try it out - it does appear that disabling the card in the app also makes Apple Pay transactions decline.


Thanks for the test!

It would be interesting to know if this is something that Starling is able to control or not?


Yes they would definitely be able to control that - they might need to change their code to allow you to toggle the two cards independently but assuming they do so it should be fine. Apple Pay actually generates a second card when you add it, so as far as Starling’s infrastructure is concerned they are entirely different cards, there’s just some glue code later on that makes the Apple Pay card depend on your main card.

Actually I might be mistaken - here I assumed Starling was its own card processor but I just realised they were using a third-party, in which case they could be handling the issuance and management of the second Apple Pay “card” and as far as Starling is concerned there is no difference between using the physical card and Apple Pay, as everything is handled by that third party.


And that could be the sticking point I meant, if it ultimately links to the main card behind the scenes, and that card is blocked then no matter what Starling do it will fail?


See my edit above - I overlooked the fact that Starling use a third-party for connecting to the card network. It might be that the third-party is handling Apple Pay and Starling don’t know nor care whether the transaction has gone through Apple Pay or not.

Well it of course depends what behaviour Starling wants. I assume the current one (disable Apple Pay is main card is disabled) is what the want so in this case unless there’s a bug in their code somewhere then Apple Pay transactions should be declined when the main card is disabled.

Of course I expect them to refund you for any fraudulent transactions in case such a bug exists and you happen to be hit by it so there’s nothing to worry about - I’m sure they have logs about when you enabled/disabled your main card so they will be able to weed out the unauthorised Apple Pay transactions based on that.


I was hoping more so the opposite to be honest. If I lost the physical card I would like the option to be able to continue to use the Apple Pay card for contactless purchases before finding the card or waiting for a replacement :slight_smile:

It is secured by TouchID after all.


When you report othe banks’ cards lost or stolen, they will cancel your current card and issue an new one by post. Your Apple Pay will be updated immediately and the new card is available to use straight away whilst the physical card is still in transit. This was confirmed to me this week by Nationwide when I replaced my FlexPlus Visa debit card.


This might be helpful


The virtual card created in Apple Wallet is linked to your physical card so if you use card lock in the app, your Apple Pay payments will also decline…at the moment. We have some more updates coming soon which will build on our lock features and allow you to turn your card off for contactless or chip and pin payments, but on for Apple Pay and vice versa. This way if you lose your physical card you can lock and still use Apple Pay to get around and pay for things. Likewise you could lock your card for online spend only if you want to curb those Amazon binges! These updates are well in progress and will come through soon (likely the release after next but this could change).

The abilty to turn off Contactless

Could you confirm if the Apple Pay card is automatically updated immediately if you cancel/order a new card? This appears to be how some other banks handle it and it is very useful.


Yes it is, but at the moment this might take a day or two – we’re working on making it more immediate.