Lock out feature


The new card lock features are really welcome, is there a possibility of adding a deadlock feature (in addition to all others) that locks the card and cannot unlock the card during that time. Speaking from experience of finding myself in some foolish spending situations, an ability to lock and not unlock that card for a team would be perfect. I appreciate could be viewed a little drastic by some but l think it would compliment other features


There would need to have a confirmation if something like that was implemented to stop you locking it by accident.

I just transfer the money onto another card and only take that out or only use that one, so there is no problem with over spending.


I agree it would need a “are you sure” “are you really sure” process and whilst a time period is configurable it is only for a maximum 18 hours.


This is a truly minority-case scenario. I think you need to find some other coping mechanism that doesn’t involve the bank’s basic functionality being rewritten for the rest of us.


I think this could also risk a CS nightmare. Imagine I (hypothetical, this isn’t what I’d do, but perhaps an extreme case of OP) turn on this lock, it has all the warnings you can’t turn it off for X hours, midway through my self control us waning, I can’t turn it off so I contact CS.

What are CS to do, if they turn it off they are ignoring an explicit instruction of something intended to save the customer from financial harm ? If they refuse to turn it off for my own good, they are denying customer access to own money and ignoring a new explicit request.

Also worth bearing in mind the customer may not be rational or particularly nice if they won’t turn it off,or perhaps complaining to full extent that they failed a duty if care

To me that’s gotta be a lose lose situation for Starling


Not the best idea. Because if this feature exists and you are in trouble or you can’t help spending, you can call CS again and force them to get rid of the lock. Therefore this feature is pointless.

You should always have full access to your money, that’s why this just wouldn’t work.


I don’t believe that l was suggesting a re-write of code that impacts everyone. I was suggesting an ‘idea’ that l believe is complimentary to the features that exist.

In forums ideas are put forward, some will sink, some will swim, others will modify as they develop. That’s the point of sharing ideas… Personally l am surprised that there is no option to time limit any card control feature, given that Barclays and Metro Bank have managed this.

I have seen this suggestion in other forms of other institutions (not advanced by me), so clearly some do find this feature useful.

But if it isn’t a go-er here l can live with, as you say there are many other routes to the same goal.


Found this on the Monzo forum and this article from the Guardian. Interesting Monzo view point on technology being there to assist as much as make life frictionless.


Yeah, that was a very good post by Monzo. Definitely worth a read. Anything similar in the works @sarah.guha ??