Location for Cash Machine transactions


I searched on here and can’t find it raised elsewhere.
What’s the reason why location details aren’t shown for cash machine transactions- unlike regular purchases. Certainly the address is available as it shows when I click the “improve” button, however it makes sense to show the address and map location to help remind me where it was I got cash- especially when I’m feeling a bit blank after a particularly late night!

ATM Location Map
ATM Location Map
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Hi Brad. A similar topic was raised quite a while ago, whereby locations were being incorrectly reported for cash withdrawals. I think most of my ATM withdrawals used to show as being at Barclaycard House in Northampton, even though they were made in Hull.


Not sure if it’s a case that if the location can’t be accurately gleaned from the transaction, they just leave it blank now, so as to avoid confusion? Its currently a mixed bag for me. Some ATM withdrawals correctly report the location, whereas others are just left blank. Maybe somebody at Starling (or one of the gurus) can shed more light on current behaviour?


I actually have no idea why Starling don’t show the correct ATM location, all my other bank accounts do. So its obviously how Starling are processing the information.

No bank machine records as a central location. They all have a specific code that a bank can locate the details for fraud purposes and other internal and external purposes.


I’ve just gone back in to my transaction list, the location of all cash machine withdrawals have all just been populated and they’re all accurate. Until today, they were all just blank.


Mine are all still as was- no location, despite it showing in the data when I click the “improve” button


Just withdrawn cash in Spain but location info shows USA. It’s strange because if I try to improve the data it says “Suggest an update for this location:” and shows the correct ATM bank and location. But it offers me places in the US to choose from.


Are you sure you got on the right plane??


The flight did take longer than I was expecting…



Still states pending so maybe when it’s finalised it will be correct.


How strange!

What part of Spain are you in?


South. In the Manilva area. Sabinillas to be precise.


@BoutTime, this is the same recurring problem.
Poorly implemented location look up implemented by starling. They’re only using postcode alone to lookup and then using the first location returned by google maps. If they simply added “ESP” in this case to the postcode 29691, Manilva in Spain immediately appears!