Location-based Fraud Prevention


At the moment it doesn’t appear like the Starling app uses location for fraud detection (or any other feature). It would be great if they could include this as an option in the app as it could drastically reduce the risk of fraud.

For example, if the app is reporting my location to be in Edinburgh and the card is attempted to be used in London, then naturally this should blocked. Obviously, if location cannot be determined or if such an option is disabled then it should fall back to current fraud prevention rules.

Location-Based Fraud Protection for iOS

You can find and turn this feature on in app by pressing the “card” option in the menu and then selecting it within the “Security Controls” page. :grinning:


Is this on Android, or perhaps even Monzo? :wink: There’s no such option with Starling on iOS; it doesn’t even request location permissions.


Android; I haven’t got an iOS device to check it out to hand but I’m pretty sure it’s on there somewhere?


Definitely not on iOS, it doesn’t even attempt to get system level location access and there’s no option for it on the Card page.


I didn’t know that was in there! I’ve just turned it on.

I wonder how far you can be from your phone before it flags up?
Same street? Area? Town? County? Country?

It’s a really good idea!


Coming very soon on iOS we promise.

Location-Based Fraud Protection for iOS

@sarah.guha I’m curious to know about this in a bit more detail myself; it’s an interesting and new idea for a bank account.


I would be interested in knowing more about how this works as well.

Very interesting feature!


Was JUST about to ask for this as well! Glad I searched so I didn’t look like a muppet! :see_no_evil:

SO glad this is coming to iOS (and is already on Android) as it’s a great idea. Although I think something like the popup authorization discused in the below link (or what ever can be done about that) would be needed so you can say: “No I’m in London but I DID just buy something over the phone from a company in Manchester/France” etc… :slight_smile:


And android users complain about being left behind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Any Idea when this is coming to iOS? :slight_smile:



Presumably you would have to have the Starling app always running in background at least to get location, and it would be a massive battery drain?

Am sure it will be optional, but I always try to avoid any apps that need to montior location continuously. I wish the telcos would hurry up and (with user permission) license personally identifiable cell site data to services such as this, your phone already checks in with local cell sites, why waste battery making superfluous GPS checks too.

Also bear in mind that the location attached to the transaction on the payment side of things may be miles away anyway due to being a) a remote transaction - i.e. Ecom or mail order, or occasionally b) wrong full stop due to a business owner re-using an old terminal and merchant account from another premises or business of theirs without notifying their bank or changing the details. Recipe for Starling support enquiries!

(I’ve written and managed payments fraud software in the past and what sounds good as an idea, can have any number of false flags, all of which create support overhead).


Location based security would only be switched on for Chip & Pin, Magstripe and ATM I would have thought.


Good question! I have asked our iOS team to catch up with the Android guys :wink: We’ll aim to close it out in next week priorities if we can.


That’s good news, Sarah.


Nice one :slight_smile:


I would be interested as well but got to be realistic for online merchants and merchants that process payments from a central company or bank that they use which isn’t in the same town or city as the merchant.


Thanks @sarah.guha would be much appreciated.


Any news on this?