List scheduled payments on Payee info screen


When I click on a Payee name/image, I’m presented with more information about the Payee. I see the destination account number and sort code, the amount that I’ve paid to this Payee and a button marked PAY.

What would also be useful would be to have a list of forthcoming scheduled payments, for this Payee, to be listed here. I.e., the scheduled payments screen info filtered by Payee for each specific Payee and accessible from the Payee info screen.

Hope that makes sense.

It’s quite a lot of white space as it stands.


Great idea!
Actually, this is already the case on the Android app, so definitely expect to see this soon on iOS too. You’ll be able to see your last payment and your next payment with the ability to tap in to see all history and all standing orders/future payments.


Fantastic news, thank you!


Brilliant! I was wondering the same thing :slight_smile:
Glad we’re all on the same page :slight_smile: