List of shame


We all buy things that we shouldn’t and in the current view it would be easy for them to get lost amongst all the other categories. An idea could be to star bad purchases so that every time you buy them they are added to a list of shame. If you buy a Starbucks everyday or eat lots of takeaways, it could show you the annual cost and make suggestions to set up regular payments to a goal instead to save money. It would help people get out of the habit of wasting money on things they don’t need and provide encouragement to save.


Ha ha nice idea. I guess if depends if we are more likely to be motivated by guilt than goals!

@Joe_Merriman a guilty Nando’s :star:️ perhaps?


@sarah.guha I’m hoping the name list of shame would be enough to stop them! :smile: The stats alone could do the trick. Examples over a working year (260 days) you buy a coffee at £2.60 every day (=£676) you buy lunch every day at £5 (= £1300) buy both (= £1976). That’s enough for a holiday instead!


:see_no_evil: I will definitely have a guilty Nando’s :star:


You could always invest in some self control. Not a modern enlightened way of tackling the issue but it works.


I’m eliminating weekday drinking, one of my measures of success (or not) is to put any spend in a category pot that l don’t use. It’s actually helped lots. Another way to categorise could be useful, as obviously l could be in a bar, at home etc…