Linking accounts & credit cards


Ok, so I’m over the moon with my starling account and the way I can track my spending, but like many here I like to try and use a credit card for my spending, and pay it off in full each month (mines an AMEX and it gives me great rewards). At the moment my AMEX account app gives me the same type of data as my starling app and I was wondering if anyone thought it might be a good idea to be able to link the two together so that I could see my transaction details on my credit card via my starling app… Keeping all my banking in one place??


Have you tried EMMA?


Also yolt, I have both Emma and yolt and currently yolt is winning as Emma doesn’t yet support starling or virgin so the only account I can add is my AMEX where yolt I have all 3


You sure about starling?


They do support Starling. You just have to ask Emma Live Chat to enable it.


Yep, I have it up and running in my app


I meant were they sure. I knew it :grinning:


Knew what you meant :grinning:


Sorry guys, yes it’s now available thanks for the update I wasn’t aware it had been added yet :blush::blush::blush::blush: