Limited Company One Director Two Shareholders



My company has been running 25 years, 1 director (me), 1 co secretary (wife), both shareholders. The app won’t let me sign up for business despite the fact that only I have ever had access to the bank account. I realise the app pulls both of our names from Companies House, but it should ask if we both need access - only 1 of us ever has. It seems to me that the app could add an extra step - “Which of the following need access to the new account?” and continue or stop depending on the answer.

I’m happy with the Personal account but would like to sign on to Starling Business asap, and dump the old-fashioned account… :slight_smile:



I’m guessing Starling are pulling the shareholder information from Companies House and then working out who the PSCs (Persons of Significant Control) are. Any shareholder with 25% or more of the shares will be a PSC and will need to be on the account.

@StarlingSupport Can someone confirm this?

Support for multiple PSCs is coming soon. :slight_smile:


Yes @Ben, I believe you are correct. A previous post by Starling suggests that Companies House data is used for this:


Thanks, that’s a bit of a PITA, they may be a PSC but no access to the account. I guess I’ll try Tide for now.

Thanks for the help.


BTW, I’ve had business accounts with 4 banks (at least) over the years, inc. NatWest & HSBC, and none have had the other shareholder on the account. You decide when setting up the account who has access to the account. Being a shareholder may make you a PSC, it doesn’t automatically give you access to the account. God forbid… :joy:


A big difference between with traditional banks and mobile banks with regards to companies.

When opening accounts with a traditional bank you have to fill in forms and get approval from the directors to open the account. Starling can’t do that if it wants to open accounts instantly, so pulls the data from Companies house, otherwise any director could open an account with Starling without permission from other directors and commit fraud etc.


My company has two directors/shareholders. I’ve previously opened business accounts with Santander and HSBC without the other person ever being involved. (She has no need for access to the bank accounts.)

Frustrating that Starling won’t allow this.


We don’t know whether Starling will require the PSC to have actual account access. They may only need to run identity checks on the PSC.

It’s best not to guess anything until they actually announce multiple PSC support.


Are we any closer to knowing when Starling will launch business accounts for multi director companies ? I presumed they would follow quickly after joint accounts were launched


End of calendar year. The response was on this community somewhere.


To be fair Jason actually said “closer” to the end of the year, i’d interpret that as Q4, so not imminent, but not Dec 31st either.