Legacy bank problems


Angry workers who bank with Lloyds and receive their wages at the end of the month have not been paid today.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/30/people-who-bank-with-lloyds-wont-get-paid-today-7121737


I’d be fuming; no real apologies and zero explanation of what has/is going wrong. I’m lucky the company I work for has a Barclays business account otherwise I too may be affected.

As for all customers not being out of pocket, will Lloyd’s really pay another banking groups customers failed DD fees and such?

Mark Savage, director of cleaning company Hardrox Limited, told The Sun none of his 65 workers have been paid.

I’m sure all 65 of his employees won’t be using Lloyd’s; will they fix and pony up the cash for there issues arising from this too?


However if Hardrox Limited do their banking with Lloyds and Lloyds haven’t processed it, then that would affect all their staff even if they banked with another company?


Also in a number of industries like agriculture and cleaning where a large number of staff are either new to the country or in first jobs there is a high incidence of employers arranging banking facilities for their staff, normally thru the one provider


Exactly; what I’m saying is if I went into an overdraft or failed to pay a DD because of this error as an employee of a company that’s banking with Lloyd’s and for example I’m a Barclays customer. Would Lloyd’s pay my fees with Barclays I’d have accrued through no fault of my own?


Halifax recently have been throwing up “technical problem” messages. I couldn’t do certain things in my accounts last night for a while. Nothing mentioned on status page.

Legacy banks frequently have issues I think, it just doesn’t get publicised too much as they tend to fix it reasonably quickly and brush it under the carpet.