Leaving starling thinking


I think starling are great and very good but I am looking at leaving and switching to first direct. I am leaving I know this sounds stupid but I want the ability to pay cheques and cash into a branch hsbc or post office. Able to set up payments to cards easier and have a bit more reliability. I wish starling well and will hang around to watch but just my options and needs at moment too.


Starling like these new challenger banks are on a journey. If they don’t currently meet your requirements then there nothing wrong in using another bank as a primary account for time being. :grinning: Starling do some amazing things and we really want them to do that for all areas of our financial lives. For some people it’s not there yet. And that is fine. :grinning:

I currently have a legacy bank and testing both Starling and Monzo. Totally like the newer banks but also very aware at present while they can do most things it will be a while before either one can replace. :grinning:


First Direct is very good, for a legacy Bank. Make sure you go via MSE to get £125 for signing up with them.

Their login security can be a little frustrating until you get your head around it. That’s legacy banks for you though.

Setting up payments is a breeze on the FD app. When you’ve seen how easy it is you’ll wonder why Starling insists on making a complete hash of it across 17 separate screens. In this respect, the only thing that Starling challenges is your patience.


For me Starling and FD work well together to give me what I need. I accepted that just one bank isn’t going to fulfill my needs (at least for now). FD is for my salary, bill payments & cheques and Starling is perfect for my day to day spends on food, going out etc. I’ve found a great balance with the two working together. FD isn’t going to give me instant notifications or in-app support anytime soon and Starling isn’t going to give me multiple accounts to split my money and bills. For now I’m happy with the two and working together and it really isn’t much trouble to manage.


I’ll go away and have a think just miss the stuff really I listed above from starling.


I have set up payments from my STARLING account and found it a very simple process. I like the fact I had to enter my password, I don’t think it was 17 screens.
17 screens …Really!


Good morning @Gallifreyangirl

Thank you for letting us know how you feel on this. We’re very sad to hear that you’re thinking of leaving, especially as you’ve been such a big part of our Community, however we completely respect whatever you decide.

As @tim7 said, we’re on a journey. The biggest part of that journey is you, our customers, and so feedback like this is incredibly useful to us. We’re working on hundreds of different things to make banking as straightforward, efficient and smooth as possible, prioritising based on feedback like this. One of those things is giving you an easier way to pay in money and cheques on the high street - which we understand this is not ideal currently. We’ll have further updates on this early next year and hope that you’ll reconsider us at that point.

For now, we’d still like to extend a warm welcome to you for our community event next month - we’d love to hear more of your thoughts in person, and we’d still love you to be part of the Community too.



@Shaun_Allison’s approach is a good one. No reason why you can’t have both.

@Michael_Gill Back when I gave some constructive feedback on payments (September, I think), I counted 12 or 17 screens to set up a payment, depending on what you were gpdoing. First Direct does it in one or two, RBS is similarly concise.


@Johnny fair enough, but I must be missing something, or maybe I’m not counting. I will set up
A payment later and count :+1:


I’ll give you my bank details :wink:


This is exactly what I do. Using Starling for my day to day spending is great because it gives me insight into where I can economise without getting blinded by all the regular fixed outgoings. Additionally I know exactly how much I have to spend on beer, food, and…no that’s it beer and food!


PMSL @Johnny


While I’m not currently with FD I’m looking at them and for a legacy bank seemed to be ticking the right boxes. So I think a legacy bank + challenger bank combo appears to be a winning strategy until the journey is further along.


It’s a shame you are considering leaving Starling, however, i respect everyones needs and requirements are different. Maybe switch back to FD, keep your Starling account open so you can watch it develop and still be part of the journey.


If you’re looking for a ‘hybrid’ bank then that’s FD. They’re not legacy and not challenger, I put them between the two. They’re more advanced than a legacy, their outlook and customer care is absolutely top notch certainly far superior to a legacy bank.

Starling are getting there for day to day spending, and for a bank for salary etc, then it’s FD, a good match.


I know I suggested on numerous occasions to ask Starling to look at FD for payments. It was like Starling had their heads in a box then thought as a bank they’d better do payments. What a complete hash. Then we were advised a completely redesigned screen would be coming with payment references. I don’t know about redesigned, it was just re hashed. It doesn’t look as nice as FD. It’s screen after screen adding name, account, sort code etc. Still an improvement, but it doesn’t look pretty.

For an app only bank, Starling has to be setting the bar, not hanging from it!!


In respect of the payments, they can’t quite reach the bar.


I like the idea of traditional bank + challenger bank combo. It’s a great idea to help fill in the gaps until challenger banks mature.

Because on this and Monzo forums I hear so much praise for FD gonna give them a go. :slightly_smiling_face: this should give me the best of everything while trialing out these modern banks.


I’m doing both - FD gets my salary into it (for the 5% saver really and the £125 I got to switch from Natwest) and then I send over the bulk of salary for spending/everyday saving above the limit for the 5% account to Starling. Means for day-to-day spending I get all the benefits of instant transactions etc. and the goals thing I love.

Genuinely doesn’t feel at all like ‘another thing to manage’, it’s ideal for me at the moment.


You’ll not be disappointed with FD!