Latest app release - feedback


If there’s already a place for this please move me. I thought we should have a thread to respond to app releases.

On a general point, it might be good to preface a release with an announcement around the specifics of the release. I know there is some of that on the app download page, but I’d value something in-forum.


This app is very much about improving the sign up opening experience.

I don’t think it’s that clear that these features don’t apply (aren’t available) to existing customers.

The announcement could be an ideal method of managing expectations.


Definitely a great idea. Somebody has already done this for today’s Android release. Would love iOS users to do the same! :sunglasses:


I’ve been searching for the spending set up screen also I thought it was just me being thick who cannot find it :grinning:Also is the use previous reference on IOS I don’t see that either