Large Debit Card Transaction



I am in the process of purchasing a car and understand the maximum daily spend limits on my account. I did message Starling Customer Support who advised that due to the amount (circa £60k) I would need to contact Customer Support who could make the large transfer to the car dealer on the day on my behalf.

I wanted to know if I could instead just make a debit card transaction with the dealer on the day if I contact Customer Support to let them know the expected transaction date/time?

This would be simpler than arranging for a bank transfer and would enable me to make the payment directly with the car dealer without delay.

Warning: Low limits on card usage

Hi @agsdevnet

The card limit per day is £10,000. A card transaction won’t be an option to buy a car


Thanks Logan, not even with prior approval like most other banks?


Although I must say, imagine buying a car with a rewards credit card! The amount of points you’d receive.

Unfortunately even with a heads-up it won’t be possible


Thanks Logan, so the only option would be to contact support for them to process the larger payment manually to the extent of the £60k on the day?


That’s correct :grinning:


Ok thanks, you have been very helpful and thanks for the quick response.


No problemo - hope you enjoy the new ride. Maybe a picture or 2 when you get it? :eyes:


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Deferred Settlement - Completely Hopeless

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