Labelling/categorising payments and cash withdrawals


I am currently using my Starling Card for all of my spending but sometimes I happen to use my other card and account and so transfer money over from my Starling account to cover the difference. I also make payments to friends and family by transferring money from my Starling account and at the moment, apart from the payment reference there is no way to label or categorise these payments. If I am transferring money to a friend to cover my part of a meal, it would be great if I could label the payment and categorise it with the rest of my food purchases.

The same goes for cash withdrawals from cash points. For example, some shops still don’t take cards so I have to take cash out, but because of that the payment goes uncategorised.

Would it be possible in the future to add labels and categories to the times where we don’t may with our cards? I don’t want to have to use another app to track the spending that Starling won’t cover.


Hi @neon.

For cash withdrawals, you’re able to change the category to something else if you wish. Just visit the transaction screen, tap the category button and select the one you wish. That may help with part of this suggestion. :slight_smile:

We’re also aiming to add payments to Spending Insights, there’s a thread for that already over here…

Thanks :slight_smile: