Known Card Acceptance Issues


As some customers have experienced some issues where their card has not been accepted by a merchant, I wanted to provide a list of merchants with known acceptance issues which we are aware of and currently investigating with Mastercard.

Acceptance issues are when the merchant’s acquirer has not updated their systems to include our BIN range (the first 4 digits of your card number) or sort code, and thus Starling cards will not be accepted. Acceptance issues with smaller merchants are regularly being raised with Mastercard, however the most frequent ones under investigation are outlined below.

Merchants with card payment Issues
Very Network

If you’ve had a problem using your card with a merchant which isn’t on our list? Please let our Customer Service team know via the app or other channels and we’ll look into it for you. We are keen to continually liaise with Mastercard in order for our card to be accepted with all merchants!

Edit: Skybet, Costco and Dominoes acceptance issues have been resolved.



Thanks Sarah. I think @Ben successfully managed a Dominos order via Apple Pay last week, if that helps.


Good to know! I must have missed that while I was away. Thanks for the update Joe.


Costco Customer Services were very good at adding the Starling BIN to their systems for my local warehouse AND petrol station (Oldham) when I contacted them directly by Facebook Messenger.


I have had acceptance issues with Coinbase, but I’m not sure if that’s BIN related or Mastercard SecureCode related.


Morning! Any update for EE in particular? I need to pay my phone bill. Thanks.


Hi Jennifer! We are working with MasterCard and EE to update their systems in the meantime you should be able to pay via Faster Payments using EE Sort Code and Account Number.

You can find those details here under “Internet or telephone banking”

Hope that helps!


I had issues buying stuff with the Mrs whilst in Ann Summers yesterday. I was told after trying to enter my PIN that the first machine (which was fairly old looking and inbuilt to the desk) doesn’t accept MasterCard and the handheld PED that was then handed to me rejected my card as soon as it was entered into the machine.

I’m lucky that she had some cash to hand and managed to save the day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Thom, I’m sorry to hear that. Can you log this one via CS so we can check your account directly. Is the transaction appearing on your app at all?


had an issue with chip and pin with my local post office and an issue with contactless at the KFC drive thru.


paying for stamps and postal services?
trying to withdraw cash thru their banking services?

It should work for the former but not the latter


buying a box and a stamp.


That should have worked then. Sorry you had problems. Starling staff will see your post here, but if you want to report it to customer services thru in app chat you could give further details as to which Post Office branch and what time etc so they could perhaps find the cause.


It’s not showing up at all and I wasn’t charged, will send it to CS now. :slight_smile:


Hey Thom! Thanks for getting in touch and providing us with details, we’re keen to get acceptance issues like this sorted, and providing us with as much information as possible really helps :fist_right:

We’re sorry about any inconvenience that could have been caused, but happy that we got to the bottom of it!


I had an issue yesterday (Saturday) when trying to get a deposit into my Starling Account from Drafty (I believe this is part of LendingStream) they kept saying that the sort code/account number was invalid.


Thanks for sharing @Jay50n85 - can you please contact CS from your app, and give us the specific details.
We can then reach out to them (in case you have not already done so).


Thanks @Jason_Yau could let CS know about this and we can look at the transaction on your account. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience to you.


Hi Sarah,

Drafty refuse to accept the card claiming it’s a Credit card not a debit card - IO also told them about the BIN numbers etc etc but their laughingly described customer service department" just couldn’t grasp the concept. Thank you for taking the lead in solving such problems though, totally validates why I chose Starling.