Keeping Starling Website Updated


Any chance the website can be updated more frequently to reflect the changes within the app? for example, the images are out of date.


Yes we need to update the card screens. And, we actually have a few navigation updates planned for the website too. We actually someone new joining the team here at Starling on Monday, she’ll be taking lots of updates to the site very soon.


Thanks Sarah! Look forward to seeing changes and providing feedback on the website as well :smile:


Just noticed the website seems updated? It looks very good IMO. Like the more frequent blogs also.


We have had a team working on migrating our website to a new platform to allow us to update it more easily and frequently - we have a new feature page so tell us what you think? We’ll also be updating our navigation soon to help customers find the info they need.


Hi Sarah, any update on the website? I notice old images of the app still being used.


Hi Joe - we’re working on this :slight_smile:


Cheers :smile:


Yep all in progress - you have rightfully pulled us up on it :sweat_smile:


That’s alright, I’m sure it’ll look look lovely when updated :smile:


@Joe_Merriman - It’s updated! Thank you for being our eagle eye and keeping us on our toes. :eagle:


That’s so much better, nicely updated :ok_hand:t2:


There’s various bits of starling which are out of date. You’re also still using
"The UK mobile only bank account" for ppc - which isn’t true.

The overdraft thing still misses out banks to keep starling in the no2 position behind FD. M&S at £100 is cheaper then you as one example. B isn’t listed either.

Smallish things but like the logo stuff that never gets updated also (euroflori i’m looking at you), it just feels at best sloppy or at worst dishonest.


Thanks lee, I’ll certainly let our website team know - we certainly don’t want to be dishonest.


Noticing some nice tweaks and updates to the website lately - good work web team!