Just a few visual annoyances


Afternoon all,

More of a venting session then any real faults to report or ideas.

Like a lot of people i like to have some stuff (Mainly my digital stuff) look a certain way. Nicely presented and laid out. A couple of things bug me personally about the presentation of the app although the features themselves are sound. Didn’t know if this bothered anyone else.

Goals - You can add a picture, but the goal size is very small and the text is in the centre of any picture you add to it. The text has no border or bubble around it making it very hard to read. Maybe split the text and the picture or split the name of the goal and price to spare some space for the pictures.

Card - The digital card on the card section doesn’t match the card in my wallet!!!

Pulse - …I’m i the only one who doesn’t like this thing?
It takes up a lot of screen real estate and doesn’t offer too much info, it looks especially awful if you spend nothing that day. The statement right below it tells me what I’ve spend today and on what, not sure i need a huge pie chart to show the same info.
Monzo’s graph is a great idea - Small but tells me what I’ve spent today, the total and a graph to inform you of your rough spending habits and the space below it shows the latest few transactions from your statement. The pulse would be a lot better if it used the screen space better.

Anyway there’s my 2 cents - Other then tiny personal details that bug me - I think Starling is doing awesome…They may have slowed down to accommodate business accounts but still miles better than my high street bank app.


I like the Pulse but agree that it could be developed further/modified to be more useful. Day/week/month view perhaps? Clickable merchants to go straight to that transaction too.

I think the text on the Goals just needs to be tweaked to make it more readable. Maybe a shaded background?


Small things but no you’re not the only one. Pulse takes up a huge amount of space, and I love goals but it hurts my eyes and needs to be more customisable.

I would love to see a better card design. The brand isn’t on the strongest side.


I personally love the plain bright strong colour card designs that Metro Bank (blue), Monzo (coral) and transferwise (green) use. They look really modern and stand out. I think the Starling Bank card will look better using a plain bright purple colour. Right now it looks too much like the design of legacy banks like NatWest. And the glossy logo in the middle of the card seems outdated and too legacy like.

Also the rim of the card adds a lot of style to the card. Metro Bank use a red rim that looks really cool. Other newer fintech banks I seen also use the rim to enhance the design.


Personally I really like the card design - it looks classy.