Joint & Personal Account Icons


@Kris I’d like to use the Starling icons for the joint and sole account instead of photos. Do you have decent resolution copy that would fit the bill - ideally on a dark background if possible? Its the two icons below:


I’d be interested in those if able to share


That joint icon reminds me of the daily struggle to untangle coat hangers…

It’s a tough life!


It’s just a lovely piece of design. I really like both icons.


I was only jesting, I don’t mind it - I’m never too fussed by icons :slight_smile:


@Charlotte_Lorimer I tagged Kris on this, not sure if it’s him that would be able to sort this. Any chance you could arrange this at all?



I will definitely handle this, but I am very busy working on something for the remainder of this week. Let’s have a a deadline for this, next Monday…would that be ok?


@kris - thanks, really appreciate it! I don’t mean to creat you extra work. Just when you get around to it, no pressure.

“busy working on something for the remainder of the week” - I hope this is something exiciting in the pipeline?


I thought pipes and lines were taboo these days :joy:


@danmullen will be on the look out.


@Kris, can you bring back the pipe for individual users… say… like @danmullen?

He’d really appreciate it!


I clicked “like” but only because there wasn’t a “dislike” option :smile:


Hard to say how exciting it’s going to be but it is an improvement I guess :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the images I promised:

I deliberately created them with lots of space around the icons…this allows you to affect the final size of icon in the cut-out screen. Also the resolution is quite high so you do not have to worry about resizing artefacts.

Enjoy :tada:


Looks like those shared files are set to require approval - not sure if that’s what you intended @Kris.


There’s nothing better than staying connected with customers directly…don’t mind to pressing a button once in a while :hugs:


Thanks @Kris these are perfect! They look great on the app



Love these icons you did for me. Look. They look brill -

I have a question. When applying a picture to the app, even through the intended shape to be filled is circular, the picture selector is square. This makes applying the photos difficult to centre etc. There’s also a weird black bar and even if the picture is centralised in the selector, it ends up slightly different once confirmed. Any chance of having the picture selector the same shape as the intended placement - so what I see in the selector mirrors exactly the finished result. Hope this makes sense and I’ve read it back and it sounds like mumble jumble but it’s the best way I can describe it.


This is an iOS bug :relieved:

I am afraid we have to live with it for the time being. We could implement a custom replacement for that cut-out screen but that is not trivial to do well and it would just
constraint resources even more. We are extremely busy working on other, more critical features.


Yeah, let’s have new stuff first and then go back and fix these little details later! Thanks for the info.