Joint Account while keeping Personal accounts


It looks like that you lose both your personal accounts when you open a joint account. Is this correct? We both have personal accounts for personal use and have a joint account as well for joint expenses. Any chance Starling allowing you to keep your personal accounts whilst having a joint account? It cant just be us who have this need… can it?


When you open a joint account, your personal accounts remain open. You switch between joint and personal in the same app.

The joint account opening process is very slick and uses Google nearby APIs :ok_hand:t2:

To switch to your joint account in iOS I would click on the “S”


As @Joe_Merriman said, your Joint account doesn’t affect your Personal account. If you’re on Android, open the side menu and click the little profile picture to switch between accounts. Sorry, I’m not sure what the mechanism is on iOS though I would imagine it’s similar.


It’s not clear on the joint account page at all. Thanks for the clarification.


I will feed that back to Starling for review.