Joint Account Goal Images


Hi all

There seems to be a bug with the Android app when using goal images on joint accounts. It seems that one of the 2 account holders can set an image but it won’t appear on the other’s app. If the second account holder then sets an image of their own, it will unset the image shown on the first account holder’s app.

Happy to give more details if needed,


Can confirm we have the same issue.


I don’t see issue on iOS.

@Callum can you take a look at this?


I’ll check this out today


Do you have an update on this? I know it is only a minor thing but it is a little annoying.


Just signed up to report this. I am finding it on goals as well as payees. I am using Android and my partner iOS.

She set the main account picture on her phone though and it transferred through to mine. I will get her to set a goal and payee image and see if it works iOS–>Android.


Just to update this, the issue is Android–>iOS, iOS–>Android works as expected. My partner added a picture to a payee on her phone (iOS) and it updated the payee on my (Android) phone instantly. Same with a goals picture.


Seems to be an Android issue - I have raised so the engineers are aware :+1:t3:


I have just opened a joint account and noticed this issue. Has it been addressed at all ? Whenever an image is assigned to the goal, the other persons image disappears