Joint account feedback


Just got the joint account (JA) and thought I’d provide some feedback:

Loved: Simple set up. Only took a few minutes.

Areas for improvement:

  1. Transferring money to JA
    I had to set up the joint account as a Payee in my personal account… You know my JA details… JA could be a default payee that I don’t have to manually set up…

Alternatively there could also be the option to easily top up the JA from my personal account in the JA Add money section.

  1. Visually different JA card
    I wish the JA card was visually distinct from the personal card so I could tell them more easily apart at a glance


Feedback from me

  1. As above and the payees…add a tick box to add when petting up.

  2. Improvements on who did what transaction.

“Joint - XXX spent £3 at XXX” etc

  1. When my partner activated her card, I got a notification saying I had.

  2. Different style cards. Give us a different colour not two dots or something. Go wild…


Same as above.

It’d also be good when looking at previous transactions that there would be a way of telling who made the transaction or Faster Payment.

I know the other thread mentions the push notifications and whether or not they work. My missus can’t remember is it says “You” or “Daniel” but either way there should be a more permanent record.

Our Santander account shows the last 4 digits of the card used for the purchase.


I’d like to see the use of the icons that are used for the app used on the card somewhere. I really like the style and feel of the design and feel it’d tie in nicely. They have a great design, why not capitalise on that.

I’d also like to use these instead of round photos in the app to select the account.


Adding to what others have said, which I agree with completely (for example moving money to the JA shouldn’t mean having to add it as a payee), I think switching between your normal account and your JA is so slow and “difficult”. There’s too many steps. It’d be really cool if you could somehow open the app and see both your balances on the same screen maybe, or at least be able to switch with just one tap, at the moment you need to tap 3 times to switch between balances.


Are you on iOS?

I agree there’s too many steps on iOS, Android is less friction I think!


On card transactions it will show the name of the other person if they made it. But this should be expanded to everything.


My initial thoughts on things to improve:

  1. changing accounts on iOS has too many slow steps and a slow switching animation. Instead, have a list of accounts with balance showing and when you click on name it immediately switches or something.

  2. following on from the above…on iOS if you go into the menu to switch accounts the menu stays open after switch. If I switch account then auto close the menu back the account after changing. The chances of me wanting to access that menu after switching account is less likely then checking my balance and transactions etc. But an improve switching option would be better than this (see above).

  3. Improved notifications. Please mention who did the transaction. Or when activating a card who did this.

  4. overdraft for joint account. I’m very glad they are here but would appreciate an overdraft option.

  5. CASS (not for me just yet but option will be nice for those who are ready).

  6. An option to migrate to joint account from solo and you can choose to copy payees, and move direct debits, standing orders, goals etc

  7. auto add payees if agreed on setup or the very least add the joint account as a payee.

  8. As mentioned on another thread. When sending money to another account is there a character limit? Because at present my sent transaction to my other joint account come from “Partner full name & half of my first name”. Can we have an option to change this? Or can CS do this?

  9. improved card design rather than just “joint account”.

  10. option for multiple joint accounts - for those who want to keep spending and bills separate.

This is just constructed feedback. Overall I’m very happy with the account. Starling for me has moved up from an interesting experiment to my main spending account. I still have a billing account with another bank but Starling is heading in the right direction.


Great suggestions!


Thanks @tim7, I saw this on my other half’s phone when we added her card. She has many ventured to using Apple Pay yet so hadn’t made any transactions.

Having it in the notifications would be great too. Especially useful for online payments because I would want to think my card has been compromised because it says ‘I’ have spent it when it’s just the other half!


Would be great if you could use payees from personal accounts as well. My ja payees is empty so if I want to pay a family member I need to create a new payee rather than have the one I already created in my sole account available. Or at least the option to select which payees I want to be available


It wasn’t necessarily all the payee’s account details that was the biggest pain for me, although I had the luxury of have 2 phones to help copy between, but finding all the images again, particularly for companies I’d got setup!


Agree there are too many steps to switch between accounts on iOS.
Why not just put the account selection circles on the top of the Home screen?
Ideally with a balance under each.


Agree it would be better if the personal and joint cards were more easy to tell apart. It must be a cost thing because of the need to buy different base cards and the logistics of the embossing machine having to pick the right one. In fairness they do put “joint account” on it but you still need to pop it out to check.
For me it’s more of a concern on Apple Pay especially on the watch (because it’s small) the colour and the last four digits is all you have. I basically use the card order. But perhaps Apple don’t allow flexibility in your card image. Anyone know?
This is really Apple’s problem anyway as they don’t let you name the card.


This would be great and is exactly what I mocked up here: iOS App: Improvements to switching between business & personal accounts


That’s what I was thinking. Though it would need to cope with more than two account circles because I’d assume we will be able to have multiple accounts of each type at some point.


I guess its been said a lot, but can we have a different design in the Apple Pay Wallet and in real life please? I cant write on my Apple pay card in permanent pen… :slight_smile:


Ditto per the above. Can we have separate card designs or “JOINT” written on the apple pay card? i can’t tell which is which when i’m paying for things. Other than that, its brilliant!!


Hopefully very soon :crossed_fingers: