Joint Account - Account Holder Priority


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Question for Starling - on the new joint account, how are the names organised, or what influeuences the name order? It’s clearly not alphabetical. Our account - ‘Paul & Adrian’ is not in alphabetical order and the name Paul appears to take priority is support chat and also what appears as a payee to other banks.

As it’s a joint account, it’s appears that the personal names first on the account is the ‘default’ setting. How is this decided? I’m my situation, I’m the one that is really ‘in to’ Starling and he is not at all bothered. Given the choice I’d be the account ‘default’. Suppose with it being a joint account, everything should be equal and this situation shouldn’t even arise.


Not sure what they can do other than ask a preference. With two names one has to go before the other. On chat they should ask whom they are speaking with.


Just curious as to how they order the account. Not a complaint about me being greeted by name.


Understood. What I mean is whether the names are written or spoken, one must go before the other. I would think it would be possible to change the order.


To explain this I’m going to have to get a little technical…

Each unique person has a UUID ( assigned to them to identify them within our systems. While normally represented as a string of characters (0-9 and A-F i.e. hexadecimal), you can also consider each UUID as a very large number.

Part of the device pairing process works out the numeric representation of each person UUID and the order of the names is determined by the higher / lower numeric value.

Hope that explains it :slight_smile:


@sam thanks for the reply :nerd_face:


Damn those UUIDs and their randomness, putting me after the good lady :slight_smile:


Thinking about it … since you know the uuid of the logged in user … can their name not just go first?