It's been our biggest year yet email


Thank you Starling for the marketing email summarising your progress this year.

The ironic thing, for a mobile only bank, is that it’s practically unreadable in a phone email app :grinning:

Just thought you’d like the feedback :smirk:


I have Apple 6s and it displayed fine, I was able to read it all. Maybe it’s your phone?


Fine on the Samsung Galaxy S7 too.


One Plus 3T running K9 Mail. You can scroll around to read it but the text doesn’t reflow in a mobile friendly way.

Same issue using Outlook on a PC and also in a web browser…

Glad to hear that it’s OK on other devices.


Strange. Outlook 2013 looks fine
iOS as well


Once I’d released it from spam it read fine on my Oneplus 3 with Nine email client


ProtonMail displayed it particularly badly… I had to print the email as a PDF to be able to read it properly.


Looking at your grab and comparing with mine, it looks like your app has re-scaled to fit the screen (which is good) but the text layout is the same. As a result the text is small

What happens if you zoom the screen now? Does the text layout change or do you end up scrolling the screen around?