Itemised spending insights don't appear when total spending is negative


Found an issue with Spending Insights and how it handles returns.
I have received a refund from an online shop (this is begining of the mount) and as such Spending Insights is showing -504.00GBP.
The very annoying thing is - I already did a couple of purchases bringing the Spending Insight balance to -324.45GBP.
However nothing is being shown in Categories and Merchants tab.

Actually just the message
Nothing to see here.
You didn’t spend on your Sterling account this month.

My assumption would be someone made a very daft assumption that categories/merchants shouldn’t see anything if Ammount spend this month is <= 0.
However this doesn’t deal with edge scenario where the spend balance is negative due to refunds coming into the account.

In such I would expect:
Items to be shown by categories
Returns still be shown but as a credit notes
Overall balance to be visible


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