Issues with Card Payments | 11/07/2018


We’ve become aware of an intermittent issue with cards which is affecting some banks using Mastercards. You may see an unexpected reversal on payments. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. More info here. :arrow_right:

Restaurant transaction refused

I just tried to use my Tesco Bank Credit Mastercard and it was declined. :frowning:

The card networks are really not doing very well lately.



We are getting reports of issues using MasterCards this evening, affecting multiple banks. Most transactions are going through. You may receive a notification saying your transaction was reversed. The purchase will still complete successfully and the retailer will be paid.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


FYI: We’ve just received confirmation from Mastercard that they are having a global incident.


Just to reiterate this is not a Starling issue it is wider. Monzo sent a text (to those subscribed to their status service) advising the same issue.


Getting my tinfoil hat out of the wardrobe and sounding like a conspiracy nut, it does make you wonder if there are things happening in a cyberattack sense or such that perhaps Visa and Mastercard are attempting to keep quiet about. The networks seem, anecdotally, far less stable than they perhaps should be at the moment…


Thanks for the updates @JamesPratley I’ve let my parents know who are currently abroad.


Happy to help. Sorry for the trouble. There’s also an in-app message for this currently.


Thankfully I’ve got loads of accounts :see_no_evil:


I was just caught out trying to withdraw cash at four different banks over the past hour.
In the case of high street bank debit cards, despite having a MasterCard logo, they still work for cash in these circumstances because they work as a link card in UK machines, not a MasterCard. This was my first week trialling Starling as the only debit card in my wallet. Big fail unfortunately.
I get that it’s not starling’s “fault”- but their (and other challengers’) reliance on MasterCard, even for cash machines sees them more exposed to this single point of failure than the high street banks! A risk to being a viable alternative in the long term without a solution to this dependency on MasterCard.


Hi @Brad_T, as far as we are aware all MasterCards were affected globally but transactions were only declining intermittently, this may be the justification. Sorry for the inconvenience, transactions should now be going through.


Visa had an outage only the other week.


You guys have taken onboard so much feedback, updates in-app, socials, status page. It’s appreciated.


I like the little icon on your home screen in app to show there is a status update.


It’s a nice touch that, although we would all like to not see it :smile:


Hi @Oliver_Wright I don’t believe you’re correct as regards Debit “MasterCards” issued by high street banks. When these are used in LINK cash machines, they are recognised as Link cards and do not go through Mastercard for the transaction. instead they go through the direct bank-to-bank UK LINK network. Hence why e.g. a MetroBank Debit mastercard was totally unaffected for cash withdrawals from an ATM during mastercard’s outage.
Conversely, the Starling card is recognised as a Mastercard, and explains why you still get the unusual-for-a-uk-bank messages/warnings like “choose your language”; and “your card issuer may charge you for this transaction: do you want to proceed”.


I’ll be happy to take a further look into this to see if they were affected. Many thanks for highlighting this.


I can’t see any advisory in-app message here on…?


@philby - The issue appears to have been resolved :slight_smile:


Thought I hadn’t spotted it but I only logged in about 10 minutes ago so must’ve missed it then.