Issue with payment details disappearing


Hey Starling.

Am I doing something wrong?

Every time I try and click on something in the app, it immediately disappears.

See video.


Have you tried killing the app and trying again?


By killing do you mean force closing? If so, yep!


@TSR that doesn’t look right!
Can I ask you please get in touch with customer service via the app (if possible) or live chat on our website. They have access to customer data and can discuss with you more specifically what’s happening on your device.

Could I ask you to check the following as well:

  • Please make sure you’re on the latest App build
  • Please make sure you have a (strong enough) internet connection - with no internet (e.g. flight mode) you won’t be able to load the transaction in spending insight
  • Does it happen in all sections of the app, or just spending insights?


I’ve checked all of your points and I’m on be right side of all of that. Thanks. I’ll drop customer support a line.

It only happens when trying to get more details about a specific payment.