Is the support outsourced?


This is more of a query because the responses to the community are so much better than the in app support; which is great but seems backwards!


I have only contacted support a few times and each time I’ve been disapointed with the responsivness, quality of interaction and the actual solutions offered. I had a problem with a small value order from this week and the whole support chat experience was 10x better than anything I’ve experienced with Starling so far. It really needs to be worked on, of any customer service experience I would expect my bank to be leading the way, when you have a problem with your bank it’s normally pretty critical and needs a fast, professional and ultimately appropriate solution. Usually it takes forever to get a response and usually the response is “We’ll look into it and come back to you”… Like you said, you’ll get a better answer from the community.


I don’t believe it is…

As for this forum vs support… I’ve always found that a community of interested individuals, generally beats the support staff for issues (I know this shouldn’t be the case).

Even with Monzo’s famous customer service, there are numerous times that they don’t know something the Monzo forum does.

With how quickly people post on here, and how knowledgeable they are, these forums are a really great place to get the questions answered.

My only wish with Starling was that the communication between staff was better - I’ve not had stellar experiences with the CS staff at Starling if truth be known - But the staff who post on the forum are generally helpful.


Hi Mark, thanks for reaching out. The whole of Team Starling are based in our office in London :slightly_smiling_face:


I must admit, the latest chat I had with support was confusing to say the least, and I seemed to get told conflicting information. Only by querying the information a few times was I able to figure out what I was actually being told.