Is it possible to do a GBP Swift payment, outside a legacy bank?


I have asked Starling this, and I know it isnt possible to do a Swift payment at the moment - however, is there a way of doing GBP Swift payment abroad, without using a legacy bank?

I have tried TransferWise, but they cant do Swift GBP. I know Nationwide will do it, but they charge quite a bit. Any ideas?


To what country? I assume outside SEPA?




That’s a shame. Azimo do international SWIFT transfers to most countries for £12, but services depend on the country and in Mauritius they can only deliver to EUR or USD accounts. Definitely a company worth checking out though, it’s an upcoming UK FinTech with the founder of Tandem Bank now its CEO.


Low cost and quick


Like Azimo, they can only deliver in EUR or USD (perhaps they have the same backend processor?).


Thanks for the suggestions - will certainly look at those.