iPhone X - UI Errors


Hi, just setting up my new iPhone X and setting up the most important app first of course!! Spotted this issue with the button layout.



A good reason to hold back


Also most of the app overlaps with the bottom of the screen.


Unfortunately @CLIVE_HADLEY I am usually the early adopter that has the issues. Just hope I can help get this fixed as I am probably not the only new iPhone X user using Starling :+1:t2:


And one last initial bit of feedback using the app on the iPhone X.

The home button has obviously been replaced with a swipe up movement to return home. Let’s just say I have closed the app so many times already this morning when swiping up to see the days transactions!!


Hi all,

We are please to say we are rolling an update out to you now which optimises the app for the iPhone X. This should fix all the UI layout issue particularly at the bottom of the screen. But please let us know in the thread below is you spot any we have missed…

Thanks all, and well done to Yann our iOS dev for getting this update done (just in time).


Updated and working perfectly so far :+1:t2:


Great! How does it look on the display?