iPhone app suddenly closing for no reason


I have noticed a lot lately that when I open my iPhone Starling app, that the app will suddenly close and I’m returned to my iPhone home screen. This happens a lot. If I’m in the transaction screen or even when the app has literally just opened, it will randomly just suddenly close, no message about the app crashing and sending a fault log to Starling, nothing. I’ve mentioned this to customer services but wondered if anyone else has had this happen.


My iPhone does this when I click on a transaction.


Hi @Spencer_Luxford. My issue was resolved by @patrick here. Thought I’d let you know in case it resolves your problem.



Hi Karl, thanks for letting me know. I’m glad @patrick replied to you, because no one from Starling replied to my question! Lovely!
Unfortunately, they fixed they offered you didn’t work for me as I had already spoke to CS before posting on the forum. Still waiting for an app update, been nearly 4 weeks now since the last one!!


Hi Spencer!

Sorry if we missed your comment, I do apologise for that.

We’re making some changes regarding the update, we hope it will be out as soon as possible!


Thank you for getting back to me Sarah. Good news that the update will be out ASAP.


No problem, we’re here to help!