iPad iOS 9.3.5 / Goals Immediately Closes App


Hello again

Running app on S7 with no issues. Thought I’d wheel out an old iPad mini and test current version.

App works fine until I tap Goals - next screen flashes for a nano-second and the app closes.

Reproducible every time, even after un/re-install, de/re-authorization.

Have been out of the loop for a time, so if it’s perfectly obvious that the OS is too old, just put me straight…



Please report to CS, however the app has not been specifically built for tablet devices. What iOS version are you running?


Hi Joe - that’s probably what it is. I do remember now reading a thread where non-phone fall-backs were being discussed and I think tablets were noted as incompatible.
My mistake!
(It’s 9.3.5 by the way)


I have been running it on an iPad Pro since May - and I haven’t had any problems.


iPad Pro is newer hardware and software, so it’ll prob run fine.


I’m guessing that’s the problem, however I cannot give official Starling support, so do speak with CS :smile:


Understood Joe - this is a 1st-gen mini from about 1947, so it’s a miracle Starling runs at all…

Have a good weekend!


Cheers, you too.


The Starling app works on my iPad Pro 10.5", but also on my iPad mini second-gen. Both running iOS 11.


I’m seeing this too on android 8.1 at the moment.


Although it has just randomly started working again…


iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.3. Same issues here and it is/was the only way of accessing my goals.

Tried resetting phone, switching on and off, delete app, reinstall, re-authorise account.

Started happening little over a weeks ago. CS on the case, but thought I’d find people with similar issues .


Thanks we are aware and are currently working on a fix for this.


Sorry if this is an old thread. I am on iOS 9.3.5, which is the max for my iPhone. Like other people, when launching the app I get a black screen followed by the app closing. I just downloaded the latest version of the app.