iOS11 - Transaction list disappeared


Just wanted to advise i have reported this to customer services and engineers have been advised. My transaction list stuck and no new transactions showed and my pulse wasn’t updating. I have reinstalled and lost my whole transaction list.


So sorry to hear what has happened

I wander if Starling is able to inform the community what may have happened here

Is this a one off or have we potentially got an issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later


IOS or Android out of interest ?


Good point Neil


What about the statement page function

Has this also been wiped as this should in theory be stored in a separate file ?


@Gallifreyangirl Be interesting to hear if others have had the same experience.


iOS and statements not working either just tried.


So it looks like your whole account back history has faulted

I cannot see how you as a user would have initiated this wipe

If Starling has a back up system/ routine in place then they maybe able to retrieve

However I can imagine with lots of accounts on the go this may be a big task


I think it’s to be expected with issues as Starking are in beta. They are dealing with it with the engineers and will keep me updated and customer services have been great. Wanted to let the community know in case it was just me or a more wide spread issue. Have also reinstalled the app but still the same.


Hoping it’s all sorted for you quickly @Gallifreyangirl, am sure it will though. :slight_smile:


I cannot check properly now on the forums as I’m running late, but I seem to recall something similar happening for someone else which was reported here about a month ago.

Could it be associated with the end-of-month interest calculations that their systems have to run in the wee hours of the new month…?


Funny enough not had interest or overdraft fees taken today.


Hope this gets sorted for you soon. I’m confident it will be.


I think will be just an issue I’ve had as it’s in beta. Not had any other major issues and customer services have been really good.


Just wondering with this - you mean the iOS app not working?


The iOS app is working. However I can’t produce statements it errors and obviously no transactions.


As it is as showing as a new list like a new card I bought a 99p amazon book it came though notifications and deducted from my balance. Still not showing on transactions.


Are they still investigating?


Yes they are still investigating.