iOS requested app update, user details vanished


Hi, I’m using an iphone X, and updated all my apps this morning, no issues. Now, when I hit the “Starling Bank” app it prompts me to “setup an account”. I already have an account, and have had it for some time.
Can someone call me or help please?


I’ve not updated yet, someone from Starling will see this and investigate.


Hi @ml113558, sorry for this. Not sure why this happened. We’re here to help, so please get in touch with us


Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the reply. I don’t see a chat icon on this page anywhere. So I clicked on the “help” icon, and sent a message. What happens from here onwards? will someone call me? or reply to my “help” request ? Or something else?


I deleted the app, and downloaded it again. Now the newly downloaded app thinks I’m on a new phone, and is telling me to get the “old phone”. Weird. I tried putting my mobile number in but get “Unable to sign in - Server error registering mobile number. Please try again later”.
I’m abroad at the moment, does that matter ?


Hi Patrick, Can you please contact the Starling Support guy who called me just now, and let him know he fixed it, it’s working fine now? And please pass on my thanks.
Thanks to you as well for the super-quick response.


Hi Martin,

I’m glad that I managed to get this sorted :slight_smile:
If ever you run into any other issues I will be there for you!

Have a great day!


Ryan to the rescue :raised_hands:t2:


Nice outcome.


Apple also has problems, it has publicly admitted this, it has actually rearranged its work schedule to focus on its firmware in clear acknowledgement that, of late, it has been rushing to market and not doing due diligence. Witness a host of fundamental and potentially serious software based flaws. I am a long standing Apple fan but my latest phone is an 8 deliberately to avoid face ID, because in Japan, at a top level University they have demonstrated that Face ID AI is full of holes. They have a proof-of-concept that demonstrates that phones (not just iPhone x) that use Face ID are vulnerable to hacking. When Apple goes on record as we have not done due diligence then things are bad, but also please realize that the Internet of Things, it is even more of a dog’s-breakfast. For the most part it is totally insecure. When you realize that we are talking not only about your fridge, or rice cooker, but about your medical technology (the “smart” tech that keeps your hear beating , or your meds dispensed, or your local’s water supply, or electricity supplied and regulated: then it is clear to all that, potentially nothing is as it seems, nothing is safe, nor dependable because the public/commercial clamour to rush “stuff” to market has meant ‘nothing’ is SAFE, nothing is protected. THIS is the real problem of the 21 C developed world. This is s a very good reason not to trust any bank, not even Starling t get it right. This is why the snowflake generation and open banking are simply an experiment.