iOS Release 0.57.0 - Bug Fixes & On-boarding improvements


Hello everyone.

After releasing the new cards, we’ve been on a bug fixing mission, and we’ve also been making small improvements to the app’s stability.
We’ve also been laying the groundwork for some of the exciting new features we’ve got coming up (more on which later).
Wondering about the on-boarding improvements in the title? We’ve improved the ID document scan screen to put you in full control. It’s not going to take a photo automatically (and often prematurely) anymore so that you have ample time to focus and position the shot perfectly and avoid a failed ID check due to low legibility. It will also avoid activating the flash when it could really just raise the exposure a little bit and improve readability of text.

Thank you and feedback is (as always) welcome.


It’s here


Owww cant wait! :star_struck:


Music to my ears! :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t mind if you spent the next couple of releases just fixing bugs, refining rough edges and sorting “technical debt”. :slight_smile:

Here’s a particularly obvious bug that doesn’t seemed to have been confirmed as being worked on:


Hi @Kris and @Callum I am not sure if this was introduced in 0.57 but for some reason I can’t see transactions with pictures attached anymore. Crashes app. My app on 0.56 was intermittently crashing but wasn’t keep an eye on what was causing it.

But latest release can’t see attachment transactions at all.

I have latest version of iOS. Rebooted phone. Reinstalled app.


To add to this. On my joint account. Other person was able to see receipts on 0.56. Just updated to 0.57 and app now crashes.


Yep, same for me. Another regression? :pensive:


Hi @tim7,

Thanks for letting us know - our iOS team is already on the case so expect a fix very soon :slight_smile:

Sorry for any trouble in the meantime!


That’s good to hear. Hopefully some of the more “cosmetic” bugs will be fixed soon. :wink:

Like this one…

While they are far from serious bugs, I still strongly believe that it’s the smaller cosmetic bugs like this that will have the biggest impact on how people perceive the product.

Just my view. :grinning:


Hi @Ben

we discussed this UI glitch in the morning, I’d say it’s in the top 10 bug list. Our aim is to have it fixed no later than in 0.58 release.


That’s really good news. Thanks.


I have automatic downloads switched off, so will hold out updating.


I know some people were sick of me pointing out the questionable development and testing processes, so I shall keep my thoughts to myself this time… :zipper_mouth_face:


Insert regular beta testing request here.

But in all seriousness I’m glad my bug got acknowledged quickly. :grinning:


Installed new update, everything else appears fine. App feels a littler faster :+1:


Good morning all,

0.57.0 now has a patch release 0.57.1 in the App Store, fixing the issue with attachments.
Thank you @tim7 for spotting this early in the release rollout.


Very impressed with the speed you got that fix out, thanks @Kris!


Thanks @Kris this is working fine now. Also, super fast turnaround for this fix.

Less than 24 hours of reporting this and you have released a patch. It things like this is why I like Starling. :smile:


Top man @Kris take the day off :grinning:


There’s a few more we need to fix asap. Working on it :rocket:

As for this one, credit goes to my colleague Alex who is also member of the iOS team.